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Swiss Expo 2015 16.01.2015

The Ranking of our Cows:  
Championnat Génisses  
Championne Knebligen Eiger WANDA (Schilder's BS Einst. EIGER *TM x Hänny Swiss Gordon WURL-ET)
Mention WTS Blooming JOYCE (Scherma Glenn BLOOMING-ET *TM x Jolahofs Denmark JOLDEN-ET)
Championnat Espoir  
Rés. du pis NORA (NORWIN *TM x PRUNKI)
    Category 2: 3° M & M's Alonso ALICE (R.B. Picasso ALONSO-ET *TM BH2 x Roffler's President TAU)
    Category 3: 1° Knebligen Eiger WANDA (Schilder's BS Einst. EIGER *TM x Hänny Swiss Gordon WURL-ET)
    Category 6: 1° WTS Blooming JOYCE (Scherma Glenn BLOOMING-ET *TM x Jolahofs Denmark JOLDEN-ET)
    Category 8: 1° NORA (NORWIN *TM x PRUNKI)
    Category 11: 4° 4. Krucker's Anthony LILI (Steiner's Picard ANTHONY *TM BH2 x Hänny Swiss Gordon WURL-ET )
    Category 14: 2° Thom Bisch's Wurl PALOMA (Hänny Swiss Gordon WURL-ET *TM x Lost Elm PRESIDENT-ET)

10° Betriebsmeisterschaft von Wattwil 201427.12.2014

The Ranking of our Cows:  
    Category 2: 3° Rank   Nora
    Category 7: 3° Rank   Krucker's Anthony LILI
    Category 9: 4° Rank   Pedrini Top TI Denver DERBY-ET

Gotthard open 2014 11.04.2014

The ranking of our animals:  
Best udder: 1° rank TSCHUDENHAUS Big Boy POLLY
    Category 6: 1° rank TSCHUDENHAUS Big Boy POLLY

Gotthard open 2013 13.04.2013

The Ranking of our Cows:  
Miss Schibraho Jet Jelena
Best udder: 2° rank Schibraho Jet Jelena
    Category 1: 2° rank Suissegfeller Vigor OXANA
    Category 4: 1° PALOMA
    Category 8: 1° Schibraho Jet Jelena
    Category 10: 3° BEA
    Category 11: 3° Sun Valley Firstclass FARFALLA

Incredible success at the European comparison of St. Gallen 07.12.2012

We were presents by 7 animals (and this is to consider a success, seeing that our company has been the company with the highest number of selected animals for this important event) at this exposition, from all regarded as the best of all the times, our breeding has take home the coveted title of champion of young cows of the exposition thanks of our wonderful Schibraho Jet Jelena.

Here there is a brief summary of the results obtained by our company::

      •   7 cows exposed
      •   4 Placings in thte Top 3
      •   Absolute champion of young cows
      •   Cow highest at indices of the exhibition

Exceptional results saw the importance and quality of the animals exposed.
A heartfelt thanks goes to all the team that worked because this has been possible, because it is only with this team spirit that certain outcomes are possible!

Linear Description 26.11.2012

This day will remain for a long time in the history of our breed, in fact the 10 cows primiparous presented to the classifier Braunvieh Schweiz have obtained 85 points of average in the udders block. This remarkable result for the number of animals presented, and for us the confirm that our strict selection is bearing fruit.
Absolute protagonists were, over Glenn Meta VG 85, Jet Jelena VG 85, Julen Jola VG 85 and Rhythm Zvereva G+84 all three pre-selected for the comparison of European the 7th and 8th of December in S.Gallo.

Two interessanti new entry 24.11.2012

Today are arrived two interesting subjects into our company, that they go further to increase the level of our breed, they are:

  • Joe Tschudenhaus Seraina is a young first-time mother which she has put on display at the exhibition of the 100 years, one of the biggest consortium in Switzerland, that of Flums, reaching the final for the best udder. Daughter of the new bull type Jolden Joe, Seraina will give birth in December, and in all likelihood will represent our company to the major exhibitions of the coming season.
  • Calvin Schibraho Carla has not yet completed one year, but has already debuted at the international exhibition of Sargans with a very good 2nd rank, and she promises to improve herself in the coming events. Daughter of the genomic bull of the moment Nesta Calvin seems to be the illustrious father in the best way. She is the daughter of the Genomic bull of the moment Nesta Calvin and looks like to represent the illustrious father very well.

Berne: Swiss Red Night 201201.09.2012

The second edition of Swiss Red Night, held in Berne September 01 2012, Sabrina Schlegel and Nicola Pedrini have participate with Ralstorm Timmins; a wonderfull Red Holstein that has win the 1st Rank and has done the 1st udders of her category.
Swiss Red Night 2012 Presentation − 01.09.2012

Gotthard Open 2012 14.05.2012

At the Gotthard Open our SANDRA4-ET has win the 1st Rank of her category.

Important news in the stable of heifers25.03.2012

In recent months, thanks to the grafts of some genetic goodies and the births of some very interesting calves, we have been able to significantly increase the genetic merit of our herd. More specifically we can cite the arrivals of:
  −   Old Mill Tau Shakira-ET a direct daughter of the legendary Emory Snickerdoodle
  −   BMW Denzo Sara a granddaughter of Snickerdoodle
  −   Comestar Lausanne Goldwyn daughter of well-known Comestar Lautamie Titanic

And the Births of:
  −   PTT Hayden America a direct daughter of our legendary Rhythm Acqua
  −   PTT Jongleur Monroe a direct daughter of our cow of selection Denmark Madonna
  −   Old Mill Wurl Sandy-ET and Sherry-ET daughter of Emory Snickerdoodle
  −   PTT Glenn Sayonara daughter of Old Mill Starbuck Spottie
  −   PTT Destry Roxette-ET and Lady Rouge-ET daughter of Rosedale Advent Redlady-ET
  −   PTT Julen Apple-ET and Apache-ET grandchildren of Rhythm Acqua

As you can see there should be something for every taste, considering the fact that in the next months we are still waiting the birth of several interesting heifer.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are sure that we have something that ago to your case!

Tel.:  +41 (0)91 869 21 94         Fax.: +41 (0)91 869 21 48         or by email at:

Excellent results for Adeena Zvereva and exposure of Fehraltorf25.03.2012

Our two heifers, Zvereva and Adeena, they have had excellent results at the intercantonale exposition for young farmers, held in Fehraltorf.
In the BS categories Rhythm-Zvereva easily won and was nominated in the 5th finalists of the show!

Mr. Rouge with high indices genomic25.03.2012

Mr. Rouge, the bull that is the product of our Advent Redlady with the bull RC Destry that has achieved an genomic results astonishing; much to arouse the strong interest of Swissgenetics that after a visit to our company decided to buy the bull. If they are roses...

Swiss expo 2012, new great successes (16.01.2012) 16.01.2012

Like every year it was held in Lausanne, the traditional Swiss_Expo, that now has become the largest and most important exhibition of dairy cows.
As a tradition, our company was present with some animals that did not fail to be noticed.
In front of all, as usual our unique Rhythm ACQUA that at the venerable age of 12 years, she first won the category of cows with more than 60,000 kg of production of milk in life, then was elected Miss Genetics; and, in a great final, was designated Absolute Reserve of the exhibition, beaten only by Collection Corella of Beni Schimidt.
Good behavior also for our Denver Derby that in a strong category, she has secured a good 3rd place.
Better yet have been the animals that we have selling, Julen Pamela (champion heifer), Jolden Sassy (reserve heifers), Wurl Wandra (category winner) and Premium Daisy (category winner) just to name a few.
Excellent result for Damion Harmony of Sabrina Schlegel, that, in a vertiginous level of competition of Holstein, has secured the title of honorable mention of the heifers.
In later shows, Harmony was sold for breeding AL.BE.RO. ; to which we wish him well and many successes with this little new star Holstein breeding.
A heartfelt thanks goes to all those who in one way or another have helped make once again these 5 unforgettable days in Lausanne.

Nicola P. has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Federation of B.S. breed 24.11.2011

Wednesday, November 23 2011 During the Assembly of Delegates of the Federation of the Brown Swiss breed, Nicola has been elected in the Executive Council of the Federation of the Brown swiss breeding.
A heartfelt thanks to those who supported his candidacy!

Interesting calves for sale 20.11.2011

Are you looking for a heifer genetically valid to complete your herd?
We have what you want!
Since today you can find into our farm many excellent heifers, daughters of the best breeders, as Jongleur, Pelux, Glenn, Poldi, ect.. coming from the best families, like those of Starbuck Sandra 3, Rhythm Acqua, Julen Sequoia, Zoldo Bazoca, etc..
Do not hesitate, contact us at (079 286 14 11), we will able to satisfied every your need.

Sensational success at the GP of Sargans 16.11.2011

Sargans's Great evening for our company, as well as the 1st place of Jongleur Belinda, 2nd place of Glenn Gardena and the 5th place of Jongleur Linda, the champion and her deputy, both of our friends Gisler-Pfulg, are subject that come from our breeding!
On 120 present animals to the exposition 17th they come from our breeding!
In addition, the 3 animals above mentioned, have found a new owner during the fair, we wish all the best to these people!
A compliment to the organizers of the event that once more have been able to attract a flood of young people around to this manifestation of brown swiss, chapeau!

Sale forages02.11.2011

From Novembrer 2011 our company began to take care itself about the sale of Fodder.

SANDRA4-ET and ATLANTIS give birth to two beautiful calves 02.11.2011

In recent days, our two new stars Jongleur SANDRA4-ET and Julien ATLANTIS have given birth.
With our great satisfaction both gave birth two beautiful calves (SANDRA4-ET x PELUX and ATLANTIS x POLDI).
Mothers and calves are in great shape, and if the two first-time mothers promise to give us great satisfaction in the season of the expositions to come, the two calves are already the pride of our barn of young animals.

FANTASTIC ZILLI European Champion 02.11.2011

At the European competition Eurobrune which was held in Clermont Ferrand (FR),
our FANTASTIC ZILLI has crushed the competition that came from all major European countries!
Good placements for our Julen-ET STEFANIE (3. Rank) and Julen-ET JOLA (4. Rank).
In the competition of Nations, Switzerland, with three of 4 animals that come from our breeding, has won ahead of France and Italy.

Goldwyn ADEENA 1 ist eingetroffen!29.07.2011

Heute ist Adeena gut aus Holland eingetroffen. Die Goldwyn Tochter verfügt nebst ihrer ausgezeichneten Abstammung (Goldwyn x Gibson EX91 x Rudolph EX92 x Shoremar Alicia EX97) über ein tolles Exterieur. Wir hoffen, dass wir das Kalb im nächsten Winter an den ersten Schauen vorstellen können.